Shingles Shot

Zostavax, the “Shingles Shot”, is a vaccine produced by Merck Pharmaceutical Company and has been available since 2006.  The FDA has approved it for use in adults 50 years and older and the CDC recommends it for adults 60 years and older.  Many insurance companies will pay for their clients to receive the vaccine when they turn 60, but Medicare and Medex  plans will not pay for it.  In many cases, it is therefore best to receive the vaccine when you (or the subscriber) are still working, (optimally between the ages of 60-65).  Recent research has shown that immunity to the virus wanes 5-7 years after receiving the immunization.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not yet recommended a booster shot.

Glaxo Smith Kline pharmaceutical company is working on a vaccine which it believes will reduce the risk of shingles 97.2% in people age 50 and older.  More test results on this vaccine should be out this year.

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