Covid Boosters

If you are over 50, now is a good time to get your second booster.  The new subvariants that are now in the United States are BA4, BA5, and BA2.75.  These subvariants seem to be even more transmissible than the earlier viruses and perhaps more adept at evading the body’s immune system.  You can go online onto to sign up for a shot at CVS or Stop and Shop here in Sandwich or you can go to Cape Cod Community College on any Sunday, 12noon-6P.  Although you can make an appointment you can also just walk in.  If you need help, you can call 211.  Getting your second booster now will not prevent you from receiving the new Covid vaccine when it comes out in the late fall.

Due to the high rates of Covid in Sandwich and on the Cape it is prudent to wear a CDC recommended mask when in a store, with a crowd of people outdoors, or any type of group gathering.

If you need a copy of your vaccinations go to: and follow the prompts.