Ebola Virus

With more than 4300 cases of documented cases of Ebola and 2300 deaths the world is finally waking up to the gravity of the epidemic.  Dr. Michael Osterholm, a well known epidemiologist, issued a sobering warning in a New York Times Editorial, painting 2 grim scenarios:

Today, 9/16, President Obama will visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where he will be briefed on the current situation.  Meanwhile, federal health officials (Drs. Bell, Fauci and Robinson) as well as Dr. Kent Brantly, will testify before a Senate committee.  The United States is now considering sending up to 3000 military personnel to West Africa to provide medical and logistical support.  USAID has a volunteer application form on its website.http://www.usaid.gov/ebola/volunteers

On 9/18 the UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak.