Tdap Vaccine for Pregnant Women

The Tdap shot (tetanus, diptheria, pertussis) is now recommended for pregnant women during the third trimester of every pregnancy (27th-36th week). The mother will produce antibodies within 2 weeks of receiving the vaccine which will offer her baby short term protection after birth. The infant can then be immunized starting at 2 months of age. An infant without protection can develop whooping cough and suffer severe complications such as respiratory distress, brain damage, and death.

In 80% of cases, infants catch whooping cough from someone in the home (30%-40% of the time from their mothers), so it’s a good idea to have all family members and caretakers vaccinated before the birth.

We offer the Tdap vaccine. Please call (508) 833-8020 for information or to schedule an appointment. Most insurances, including Mass.Health will pay.